Thursday, August 19, 2010

3rd day iftar dish - Fish, Beef, Veges and a Dessert

My 3rd day menu for iftar was decided when I got a bunch of this "Belimbing Buluh" from my mom's. She has a few trees in the garden that fruits just beautifully.

I cooked Masak lemak cili api with Ikan Merah.

Initial plan to just prepare some oyster mushroom soup turned out to be oyster mushrooms plus some or rather loads of other vegetables.

Not forgetting something more edible for little Zaim, Daging Masak Kicap.

That day, I also felt super motivated to prepare a dessert. I decided on an easy one of course, bread and butter pudding. I landed on this recipe on another blogger's site. It's Zarin's periuk belanga blog. I love her top tip for this bread n butter pudding. Be sure to check it out at her site.

A slightly closer look.

Zarif was the last to finish his dessert, loving every scoop of the pudding with ice-cream.

It's quite a hassle really after cooking and serving the food and trying to take the pictures because someone would demand to have a go at taking pictures with my camera himself and also demands to be the subject too! Sigh, so after the meal, we had a short quick session with Zaim.

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eynda said...

Bread pudding...nak buat jugak la next week :-)

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