Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1st day iftar dish - Chicken Rice.

Ramadhan has been almost a week already. How are you all doing out there? My first day of fasting, is always a tough one, as I would get a super duper headache at about mid-day till late afternoon. 2nd day onwards is much better and it gets easier after that. Hope everyone out there will have a blessed month ahead. How's the Tarawih and the Sahur going? These should not be a problem right? My biggest challenge this Ramadhan is probably to decide what to prepare for iftar daily! Mummies/Wifeys out there are you in the same boat as I am?  At work, we girls are constantly trading recipes and menu suggestions for the meal to be served that evening or the next... he!he! Irritates the hell out of the thorn who sits amongst us roses! Ha!ha!

Nayli is 9 and has been fasting since she was 6, however, 1st day proved to be quite challenging for her too. This was how I found her sprawled in our bedroom, while I was busy preparing for iftar in the kitchen. She must have been so exhausted. Zarif my 6 year old only managed till 12 p.m that day, not bad at all for a first timer.


1st Ramadhan Buka Puasa Spread, oops under wraps.

Ok, we had Chicken Rice, and some store bought delicacies (my favourite Putu Piring and Rojak Singapore). I know, a bit much, it was the 1st day after all, we have mellowed a bit now in our choices of food for breaking of fast.

I found a recipe online, not that this was my first time preparing Chicken Rice, it's just that I like experimenting with new recipes.

Here's the recipe:

Chicken Rice


* To be boiled.
- Chicken cut into pieces
- 2 pieces garlic
- 2 cm ginger - crushed

* For marinade.
- 1 tbsp thick soy sauce
- 1 tbsp oyster sauce
- 1 cm ginger
- 2 pieces of garlic
- some light soy sauce [I didn't use any cause I had none :-) ]

*For the rice.
[I will not give the exact measurements as I never follow menu the the letter, unless I am baking]
- rice
- butter
- ginger
- garlic
- chicken stock from ealier boiled chicken
- salt

*For the sauce.
- 5 red fresh chillies
- 5 pieces of garlic
- 2 cm ginger
- 1 tsp vinegar
- salt and sugar to taste
- 1/2 cup of water

*For the soup.
- the rest of the chicken stock
- 1 clove of onion
- soup powder
- salt
- spring onions and parsley for garnishes

1) Chicken is cut into pieces - spread (lumur? what ever is the English word for it?)) the garlic and ginger on the chicken pieces and boil till tender
2) Remove chicken from stock and marinade for 15-20 mins (don't worry you do not need so much time for this, I did everything after work!)
3) Wash the rice. Heat butter and saute ginger and garlic until lightly golden colour, add the rice until the ginger and the garlic lets out its wonderful aroma add the chicken stock. Add salt to taste.
4) For the sauce, blend all the ingredients altogether, you can add tomato/chilli sause if you like, I did. I also cooked the sauce for a little while.
5) For the soup, the chicken stock is put to boil with the blended onions, soup powder. Add salt and some spring onions and parsley for taste.

**extra sauce - Garlic and Ginger Sauce
I had an extra sauce, I saw an aunt of a friend served this but was too shy to ask how back when I was at uni. So I prepared this by sight only... he!he! give it a go, see if it makes sense and if it is any good.

- loads of ginger (as much as you like)
- load of garlic (not as much as ginger)
- salt
- sugar
- vinegar (1tsp maybe)
- oil (1 tbsp maybe)

Shred the ginger and garlic finely, and add the rest of the ingredient. Serve just like you'd serve the Chilli and Soy Sauces.

Have a go at this recipe yah? Hope you like it.


Lady of Leisure said...

nasi ayam agak banyak step nak buat kan tapi once dah siap dan dah makan memang berbaloi.. sangat sedap kan..

Drama Mama said...

wowweee! nasik ayam is among my fave chicken dish! bulan puasa ni kena buat gak sekali! hiks


ERMAYUM said...

siang tadi tgk resipi nasi kerabu zarin rasa nak buat sabtu ni nampak nasi ayam nak buat nasi ayam lak hehe

BUNGA said...

salam ziarah dan selamat berpuasa .
terima ksih untuk resepiya.. esok nak buatla jugak :)

Eti said...

Lady L,

Memang banyak step, tapi betullah you kata, berbaloi, difficult to get it wrong, plus budak2 pun suka. :-)

Drama Mama,

Dah buat jgn lupa update kat blog ok!


Sabtu - Kerabu Zarin, Ahad - Nasi Ayam Eti ok??? Jgn lupa kasik post kat blog eh...


Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Dah cuba resepi tu nanti update blog kay.

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