Monday, August 23, 2010

5th day iftar dish - Nasi Beriani Darat Johor.

Cooking for Ramadhan this year, I have been trying many new recipes. This time I tried this Beriani Darat Johor "in-a-box". The recipe and method comes in (or rather on) the box, and all the ingredients too! Check this out...

There's 3 seperate packaging, for the rice, the dhall curry and the beriani curry mixture! Even the rice, the oil, the fried shallots, spices and even colouring for the rice are included in the box. Fantastic! You just cannot say you can't cook a proper beriani with this one here.

I improvised a little and added boiled eggs in the rice (nope, the boiled eggs weren't included!).

The trio - the chicken beriani curry, the dhall and I added the acar (you cannot have beriani without acar right?)

Here's a closer look at the trio individually starting with the dhall curry.

Chicken Beriani Curry

Acar Timun.

Nasi Beriani Darat Johor.

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