Sunday, August 15, 2010

ATV & Bowling Away Day

Our initial plan of requesting our "transitory" boss (our former boss left for a sabatical and our incoming boss hasn't arrived back from an overseas assignment) for a team lunch before Ramadhan turned out to be an unexpected yet most welcomed and most awesome Away Day ever in the history of our department!

Our last away day was way back in 2008. I was heavily pregnant with Zaim, the away day was on May 2nd and I delivered on the 26th! After that we never had any away day because... well I dunno, perhaps it was the company's cost reduction overdrive or the fact that our previous boss just don't see the need. Back to present... anyway last Tuesday, someone voiced out, how about going for lunch before Ramadhan, then someone else said, how about an Away Day. Then suddenly by the end of the 1hr meeting we were all set for a day, one whole day off. The day is set to be the next Monday just two days before fasting begins and we are going to the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Course in Kemensah, followed by lunch and then Bowling! Wham bang! By the end of the day, ATV was booked, Restaurant decided and T-Shirts ordered!!!  

Our day began as early 8:15 last Monday, meeting point Zoo Negara, Ulu Klang. It was a 10-15 minutes drive into Kemensah, just straight on all the way.

You'd be going through village road, it could get very narrow.

Eventually, you'd reach the ATV Adventure Park.

The ATVs.

Getting the hang of it.

Filling out the necessary forms.

The girls in our group L:R (Lai Mun, Z, Me and Zila).

The guide giving a very short briefing before we were allowed to get on the ATVs
for test rounds around the main site.

This is how it works people...

That's me having a go on the bike.

The site is immpressively immaculately clean.

There's even a newly added swimming pool with water being flowed in from the nearby stream.

At about 9:40 a.m we were off for the real thing... into the jungle. We chose route C.

Off the main road and into the dirt road we go...

All in line.

There were obstacles along the way like these fallen bamboo branches.

Into the thick of the jungle.

More fallen branches.

What lies ahead?

Yes, a scary rickety bridge! The trick is do NOT think! Just go! Ha!ha!ha!

Sometimes, you've got to wait for the person in front of you to be a little ahead before you can move on. For example, when you are going down a steep slope (there's plenty of these) or going up one. The way to manage these slopes without ending up in the ravine is to handle your breaks well. If you are thinking of doing these, please be adviced to bring a pair of gloves and good rubber soled shoes so that you are guaranteed a good grip throughout.

After about an hour and a half of tracking, we reached this bit of clearing where we stopped for a ciggy (for the guides) and picture break, supposedly it's to give us ladies a bit of a rest. The route to this spot was quite taxing to the upper arms and fingers.

So, here's us, 9 of us altogether on that day.

After the break, we continued our journey through an even scarry route as the slopes were really steep and challenging. However, we found out a short while later that it was all well worth it because at the end of our route we came to this "Sofea Jane Waterfall". Probably named so because of her movie "Cinta Kita" that was shot here. I cannot imagine how they came here for the shooting, must be on bikes because there is just no other road access to get there.

We had to do a tiny spot of trekking on foot to get to the waterfall.

Beautiful isn't it?

The water is crystal clear and icy cold!

Opening my packed nasi lemak, eating with feet in the river. Simply divine moment!

We had nasi lemak in the river. The nasi lemak tasted somewhat much much better.

After my nasi lemak, I couldn't resist a dip in the waterfalls.

Wet and cold!

Z and me.

Getting ready to head back, in our wet wet clothes!

I am super drenched and praying hard that I would not catch a cold or have
 any leeches up my wet jeans. Eew.

Picture with the owner (who's behind the counter) and our guide just before we head off at about 12p.m.
I went back to Z's mom's place for a bath and change before we proceeded with the next item in our Away Day Itinerary.

Lunch at Istana Bamboo.

We had fish...


crabs and etc etc.

After a morning like we had... lunch was really appetising.

Final picture, we were joined by two of our mum to be colleagues who had to give the ATV a miss, and our new returning boss who had a previous engagement in the morning.

Then off to WWM (Wangsa Walk Mall) for...


In action - full of focus and concentration! Ha!ha!ha!

Zila in action.

The swing!


Awww, I missed a SPARE!!!!

Check out our group score for the 1st game.

Our second game! So did I have a good day?

You betcha, I ended up with 2 envelopes the next day for Group Champion and Ladies Champion!

So, boss when can we have our next Away Day huh? Hi!hi!hi!


zarin said...

wahhh terrer awak main bowling :)
btw, im dying to ride the ATV tapi tk jumpa kaki kaki yang nak join skali hikhik

Eti said...

Hi Zarin,

Bukan terror namanya... but best amongst the worst. Ha!ha!

Ha, Zarin kalau dah jumpa kaki2 tu, tapi tak cukup 2-3 kaki, contact 1 ok, sebab some of us memang giler sangat dah benda nie, but you at least need about 10 people, too few boring, too many leceh... too much waiting giler tau,

Farah Y said...

ATV?! How cool is that!!?

Eti said...

Farah, damn cool Farah... hope I can do it again soon. :-)

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