Monday, August 2, 2010

Bye Bye Beryl!!!

Last Saturday, a bunch of us from Secondary School met up for a simple farewell for Beryl Anne who's leaving for Jakarta in mid August. As usual with our bunch of friends,  whoever could make it would come, the rest who didn't turn up are either out of the country, just not contactable or stuck in a bowling tournament (he!he! I just have to put this in MM).

Beryl and I were in the same class. She was the athletic one in our group, the only one I think! Oh ok, so there's Avy (formerly known as Hooi Tze, who was a Volleyball player) and Mary Yap who has a black belt in Tae-Kwan-Do, but that's about it I guess. Ha!ha! I will not say more.

For those who weren't there, here's a few pictures, courtesy of Pat's DSLR. It was lovely meeting up with you girls again. As Pat said in her email, the years have flown by and our bond has only strengthened! Thanks for the memories. I love you all, hugs and kisses!

Seated from L-R: Pat & Sharlin
Standing from L-R: Beryl, Eva, Me and Carol.

To you Beryl, all the best in Jakarta. Yes, yes, go on an update your status in FB after each dirt cheap massages and spa sessions! Take care and keep in touch! Do let us know, when you are back in KL for holidays ok!

Some more pictures as requested by Azlyn Salvatore??? (is this your surname in Cairo? hi!hi!hi!)


nj said...

Beryl's leaving for good ke?? All the best to her! Nice photos!

cc said...

psstt psstt...sis,
i've changed my blog's link --> new link

azlyn salvatore said...

aik? byk ni je photos?

very nice pics, anyway. that's why i want to see more. & you all should ve taken more pics. ni mesti sibuk makan & sibuk gossip.

Eti said...


Tak lah forever and ever, since Ashraf Sinclair is sooo married... muahahaha!!! Jadi expat gitu...

Cik Chelsea... ok, noted!

Azlyn Salvatore??? Lu sapa??? Ha!ha!ha! Nama Salvatore! Ingat gi Mesir... nama Italian lak nie??? Ok lah I will ask for more pictures from Pat and add on ok! Come back soon.

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