Saturday, July 16, 2011

T forty two: Divine or Dreadful?

Last month, while browsing around BVII, we stumbled upon this cozy looking cafe. We decided to try the tea, a friend did recommend quite sometime back but at another location, so I thought since the name sounded familiar, it must be another of it's branch.

Pic Source: T forty two - facebook wall
Pic Source: T forty two - facebook wall

Pic Source: T forty two - facebook wall

Here's our tea set for two, but of course shared amongst the 4 of us (Zaim is "safely" asleep throughout tea time). The two kids of course dived for the sweet tiers. We skipped the foie gras coz even the smell of it, turned me off! I'm sorry, but as much as I love scones and cakes, give me banana fritters (goreng pisang, the ones sold by the road side or home made kind) and keropok lekor anytime for tea. These would only cost us a tiny fraction of what cost us here. However, for the experience, for the ambience, for the lovely China cups, for a cozy tea time or meal with your loved ones, why not... it is I have to say still a Simply Divine place to go.

The china used is so delicate. Not sure if it is really "the" Bone China, but whatever it is I'm glad we left that place without any broken China, faux or not! Phew!

We will come back here, but perhaps to try other main dishes.
Prices seemed reasonable, and the selection is quite good.

Verdict : Divine!


eynda said...

Nampak cozy je that place :-)

Wiz said...

Hi! looks mcm best jer. Just curious, kat mana this place. And how much is that whole tea set that you had that day. Sorry nyibuks but I have a sweet tooth ;o)


captain_zed said...

wah! fancy nya! mcm alice in the wonderland's mad hatter's tea party plak.. huhuhu.. nampak terselit gambar anak akak mcm x saba nak baham.. huhuhu cool beans!

Eti said...

Eyda: memang cozy sangat, I suka.
Wiz: Hi Wiz, thanks for dropping by! This was in Bangsar Village II. There is also one in Empire Shopping Gallery Subang.
Z: Ha!ha! diorang memang pantang sikit jumpa desserts, pantang jumpa!!! Hi!hi!hi!

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