Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have been meaning to post this for ages. I have uploaded the pictures but I never found the time to write anything. But I guess, I will now use the Wordless Wednesday avenue to post pictures taken when I took the kids to PETROSAINS back in March... 2011! Well at least it wasn't 2010. So much for Wordless Wednesday...

Obviously this was not in PETROSAINS... right, I'll hush now.


Ermayum said...

tempat gelap dinasour tu best - pusatt sains negara pun ada benda2 gini - entrance murah lagi

Eti said...

betul Erma, tapi kat Pusat Sains, si kenit tu takut sebab gelap sangat and bunyi dinosaur tu kuat. Hi!hi!hi!

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