Thursday, July 28, 2011

Irina's Mad Science Party

The only thing that my kids love other than having their birthday party is attending a birthday party! When they heard about Irina's (my colleague's daughter) Mad Science party invitation, they were super excited. This was last Saturday yup, after the engagement. Hectic day eh?

Mad Scientist doing her thing.

Everyone was full of anticipation... including the parents I must say.

Oops, except for this big guy who was too tired to notice the mayhem around him.

Nayli volunteered happily.

Waiting for their turn to experiment.

L to R: Me, Nita, Madam Hostess herself - Maisura and Norlina.

Still in La-la-la Land.

Zarif volunteered for one thing after another.

Competition in progress.

They had to stop the little mad scientists for a bit to cut the birthday cake.

Happy 8th birthday Irina!

Stopping for a bite of the lovely macaroon topped cake.

Mas Scientist games resumed shortly after.

Wrapping the mummy game.


The finale was cotton candy making time.

Zaim was only awake towards the end.

Sweet treats.

Lovely treats that we brought home.

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