Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An engagement party.

Last Saturday was my cousin's engagement. The girl's family was just a 10 minutes drive from my place. The proceeding was short and simple. More of a get to know the family kinda thing. Memi (my cousin) was nowhere in sight, which I thought was very appropriate. Just to share some pictures.

The sirih junjung to accompany the engagement party from our side (the groom's family).

While waiting for others to arrive.

Our hantaran (gifts), all made by my talented crafty aunty (groom's mum).

 Zaim, sitting patiently throughout the engagement "ceremony" with the distraction of 
pre-packed raisins!

The hantaran (gifts) from the girl's family.

The ring - to officiate the engagement.
Congratulations Memi and Azura! 

Azura and M-I-L to be.

Dek Na and Azura.
(Ehemm Memi, Azura sure does look a little like your sis!)

Lunch was then served.

Zarif, in case you can't recognize him. 

2nd cousins playing together.

Zarif, Nayli and their Aunty Amal.

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