Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make-A-Wish fulfilled Hani Liyana's Wish.

Make-A-Wish granted Yana's wish to become A Star for the day last weeked.

Yana performed as an opening act before Dreamgirls at Istana Budaya,
arriving in a Rolls Royce no less!

Stayed at KL Sentral Hilton and treated like "A Star".

The next day she was taken to Acquaria and finally treated to a Pool Party at the hotel.
How divine is that?

We were invited to the party... even more divine! :-) 

Nayli, Zarif and the sleeping Zaim with the "celebrated" Star - Yana.

Azleen, a wonderful friend of 10+ years! A tireless, devoted and fashionista mom! We girls at the office are truly amazed by her energy and patience! Always effortlessly looking so well dressed, co-ordinated and upbeat even with all the challenges that she faces!

Yana dear, your Mum IS a SUPERSTAR!

Lovely baloons deco by Linda.

Guests were treated to Hilton's 5 star buffet. Yumm!

Pink theme for the Star.

The view below.

Party bags for the little guests.

Nayli and Zarif exploring the pool area.

The waterfall and kiddie pool were just sooo inviting!

Someone remained utterly clueless though, it must be the misty cool fan factor.

The Diva taking the "stage" once again.

G-Ha and Leen.

Nayli quickly warmed up to the lovely Ratu, G-Ha's daughter,
since they've met during many company events before.


Yana's energy is endless! Amazing!

Make-a-wish representative giving a short speech.

The pasta counter.

Mini magherita pizzas.

The one time Zarif has no problem eating - when it's at a new place.


Cupcake tier was so inviting, but that afternoon was too hot for me
to tuck in into anything sweet.

I did not miss this icy treat though.

Tom n Jerry cheese?
Ha!ha! Cake actually, cute eh?

Yana and Mum cutting the cake.

Thanks Leen for having us at Yana's party.
I hope Yana stays healthy and happy always. God Bless.


Azleen said...

alahai... tetiba rasa touching giler kan... tetiba i jadik fashionista plak kan...
tu luaran je tu.. dlm hati ini memang hanya DIA je yg tahu....

captain_zed said...

awesome coverage!!!
well said.. akak2 saya kan SuperMak..

Yana punya gambar menyanyi mmg mcm Diva.. kalah lady gaga.. huhhu..nice party, chantek setting..

yg penting Yana dah sihat.. lagi sehat dr uncle Zed nie.. **nanges~

Eti said...

Azleen, ala apasal lakkk memang betul punnnn :-). If I were in your shoes agaknya, huru-hara dressing kot!

Zack, Thanks! Eh, you sakit apa lak nie??? Sakit tak leh put on weight eh??? :-P

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