Friday, July 15, 2011

The day that both had a loose tooth.

A while back, Nayli and Zarif have been telling me that they both had a loose tooth. Since they were not in pain, I have been stalling, simply because I just couldn't find the time to take them to the dentist! One time that we took them there, it was closed! Anyhow, finally I took them (after calling to make sure that they are still opened at 8 p.m!) to the nearby clinic. I love their service, because they open till 9 on weekdays. Furthermore, even though during each visit we tend to get a different doctor, majority of the doctors are so friendly and good with the kids. This time round, the doctor was probably in his early thirties. The kids were so noisy and chatty (probably anxious of what's looming ahead of them)! Good thing, the doctor was so patient and accomodating.

Here's the brother and sister, both after missing a tooth.
Zarif now has 3 missing teeth!

This was not Zarif's 1st time at the dentist, obviously, but he got nervous in the end.
Look who took the responsibility to calm his big brother.

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