Saturday, December 3, 2011

If it's Curry night...

it usually means it's Chicken Curry.

and it usually means I wouldn't be cooking it!

Yeay.... off day, well not totally. I become more of the sous chef really. 
I must make sure that all ingredients are laid out, and I have to make sure that all things 
have been chopped by my assistant accordingly.

The executive chef shall then enter the kitchen to do his "thang"... to cook his Special Chicken Curry.

The sauteing of z shallots... with z right amount of spices.

Other ingredients all good to go.

Man at work.
Seriously cooking up a storm!

Just look at the amount of curry that went into the pot! 
Personally... I wouldn't use that much, that's why I've been banned from cooking chicken curry
 (and I am soooo upset! pfft!).

Taraaa... hubby's Chicken Curry... notice the feet! I shall reserve my thoughts on those!
Your cooking is just fab! How about learning another dish dear??? 

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