Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 2011.

During my schooling days it was called Speech Day or Prize Giving Day, now it has a more dignified and less materialistic name... Excellence Award Day! I like that, don't you? Well the children had theirs during the last week of term, both in the Sekolah Kebangsaan and the Sekolah Agama. We went to celebrate their achievement. It was Nayli's 4th year and Zarif's very first. Double joy for us parents to have them both up there receiving their certificates of excellence. Well done Nayli and Zarif, keep up the good work okay! We love you loads.

First it was at the primary school.

What's a "speech day" without speeches?

"Q"ing outside.

Each of the student's achievement was flagged up on screen!
We certainly didn't have that those days!!
Oh, by the way Zarif was top for the whole of Primary 1. :-)


Those in Primary 4 and above were robed for the big event.

Nayli came out super 3rd! Not bad at all girl! 

Performances by these 4 boys, they had good voices and harmony. Just beautiful!

Nayli performed in the percussion band too.


Family shot, pity Zaim wasn't around. We didn't think he could handle all the waiting.

The next day was the Religious School Event.

Zarif was fabulous 1st again.

Nayli was outstanding 2nd in class.

We are very proud of the both of you. 
Hugs and kisses, from Mama and Papa!!!

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