Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fahmi's wedding on 20112011.

I attended my cousin's wedding a few weekends back - the solemnization ceremony was held on 20/11/2011. What a wonderful date, to be cherished forever... sigh! Fahmi... all I can say is if you mess up your Anniversary bro... hmmm I don't know what to say! :-)

Fahmi's big brother Faiz initiating the ceremony.

Azrina Puteri (a.k.a Myra).

Now please zoom in at what is on the Ustaz's lap?
None other than an iPad! The doa's and short sermon were recited by referring to the iPad.
Ladies and Gentlemen how utterly cool is that??? Need I say more?

The wedding was beautiful. Myra the lovely bride was a beautiful in white, lovely dress, and I really respect you for being able to sit in that one position for what must have been for-ever. Amazing fete!

Congratulations Fahmi and Myra may you both celebrate and revisit this moment 
many many more years to come!

Oh by the way Fahmi is "the" Fahmi Fadzil on twitter @fahmi_fadzil ...


screamingmommy said...

canggih betul sekarang..imam pun guna ipad:)

Eti said...

I know!!! Hebat kan??? :-)

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