Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hari Raya Cookies

I know I know, it's already 21st Syawal, here I am still updating about iftar... well just one step before I update the hari raya updates, it's the last week before hari raya. For a few years already, we have been preparing Chocolate chip cookies for hari raya. This year we continued with the "tradition". I chose to bake during the Merdeka holiday on August 31st.

The first step of baking chocolate chip cookies involve grating the chocolate into pieces (last year) the chocolate pieces were melted. This results in super dark chocolate chip cookies. I tried something different this year, just grated the chocolate bars into tiny pieces and mix into the cookie dough.

Last year, Zaim was probably asleep and missed the fun, this year he "helped"!

Grate, grate, grate...

My trusted mixer (must be over 10 yrs old already).

Everyone was put to work... well maybe not everyone. Hi!hi!

Zarif at first was reluctant to leave his PS2, but the lure of working
with chocolates was too much for a 6 year old to handle I guess.

Zaim helped to make the spatulas easier to wash!

Papa chipped in too, since he must be the #1 fan of chocolate chip cookies!

The best part is when the chocolate chips go in!

It would have been really tough to ensure that 99.99% of the chocolate chip packets' contents went into the bowl and not into the mouth, luckily everyone was fasting apart from Zaim of course.

At this point the dough becomes really thick and hard to stir, hence
I left it to the guys to manage.

Each time I bake cookies I remember why I don't bake cookies often. I just don't like the lengthy process of baking them. Measuring and mixing is ok, but baking them batches by batches is another story altogether. I prefer baking cakes anytime. (Not that I do that often though!).

We tried using the ice-cream scoop for one tray of cookies, imitating Nigella in one of her shows. The cookies turned out to be huge. Quite good for adult intake, just one cookie at a time. Perhaps when we bake again, we'd used the scoop again, that way we might finish sooner.

The finished product.

Yum! yum! yum!
By the time I'm writing this, the cookies have long finished.
Perhaps I should make another batch soon.

Please click here for the recipe: Famous Amos Recipe. I got this from a forwarded email.


ERMAYUM said...

pandai you babe- baking cookies - me? clueless heheh

CiKaYu said...

wow...semua tolong...bestnye. the cookies tu npk sedap..yummy

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