Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Raya tradition of ours.

Rendang Ayam is our other must have for Hari Raya. Last Raya since we were still at my mom's so we made it at her place. This year we decided to make some, though at a smaller scale. We made enough to freeze a bit for ourselves and three more packs, one for my mother in law (for all of us) to consume on the raya day itself, one pack for my grandmother's home (father's side) and another for my aunt's house where we will be staying on the during raya.

Had to import my mom's medium sized wok though.

Gurgling Away....

Chicken Rendang Negeri Sembilan Style - the green bits
are long beans by the way not Thai Chillies. 

Packed to go or freeze.


ERMAYUM said...

nak menggodeknya sampai kering pengsan gak kan - lenguh tgn :D

TK said...

Sedapnya your rendang. Kita suka rendang...and suka buat and suka makan.

Eti said...

I selalunya tutup api cepat sikit sebab nak dia berkuah sikit. So kalau ayam tak banyak not too bad laaa mengacaunya kan...

Kita lebih suka makan kottt hi!hi!

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