Sunday, September 19, 2010

6th day iftar dish - Pasar Ramadhan, Fried Macaroni & Dessert

Hi All,

Before I begin updating some hari raya pictures, let me clear one or two backlogs of Ramadhan updates that never made it during Ramadhan!

This is is about the 6th day iftar dish - by then I was already totally out of ideas of what to prepare for iftar dishes. We decided to check out the Pasar Ramadhan nearby, when we saw the variety of dishes on sales, we thought, why not just buy something for a change. Here's what we decided on:

Laksam which turned out to be dissapointing, cause the gravy was SWEET!

The Spicey Satay. Yumm!!

Pulut Panggang.

In the end I did cook something, this fried macaroni for Zaim.

Oh, we also had a taste of these macaroons flown in especailly from London a souvenir from a friend.

For dessert I made Puding Sagu Gula Melaka.

So lesson learnt here is we cannot truly rely on Pasar Ramadhan food, there must be a back up dish in case things turned out to be dissapointing.

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