Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What is that in my living room?

Yes, my living room can be in a complete mess at times, what with the erected "igloo" tent plus an additional make shift door made of a bright red towel! Goodbye ID and co-ordinated decor theme! Sigh! I am okay with this, my kids are growing, they need a space to grow and imagine and play. Since their already cramped computer-study-playroom is rather limited in size, the living room often becomes an extended play area, hence I wasn't so surprised to come out of my room to discover that they have (thanks for the help of the ever obliging dad) erected yet another playzone!

Using the concept of the Bouncy Castle - where air is blown into a huge balloon or castle like structures.This one, is Zarif's favourite self made "tent" whenever he managed to squeeze a yes out of me or his father!

This is not a bloated baguette or bun! It's Zarif"s duvet-cum-tent! And it isn't empty!!!

Zarif and Zaim resting in their tent.


NZZ said...

cool to da max!!!

captain_zed said...

sangat creative!! hahhaa, i wish i am small enough to fit in there coz it looks fun fun fun!

Eti said...

NZZ and Captain Zed,

Dua2 I panggil Z so how to reply nie? Ha!ha!h

NZZ : cool ke semak to the max? hi!hi!

Captain Z: eish I think you muat la Z... he!he! Uncle Z kan slim :-)

CintaRasa said...

Thanks for dropping by at my food blog. I guess you won't find much recipe there..I usually masak takde accurate measurement esp. now that I have an active toddler..dapor pon jadi mcm medan perang with all his stuffs..huhu..

Eti said...

Hi Cinta,
Thanks for coming over mine too! I nevvver have accurate measurement either. hi!hi!

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