Monday, September 20, 2010

Final update on iftar dishes...

Since it is already a week + into Syawal... I really think I should no longer continue updating iftar dishes. However, since I have already  painstakingly taken some pictures on all the dishes that I have made, don't think there is any harm done in updating them.

So here's a list of some iftar dishes throughout Ramadhan that I managed to capture some pictures of but never did manage to blog about.

Assam Laksa

Steamed Fish - a dish prepared by hubby.

Ayam Percik

Served with Gado-Gado

Ayam Percik Recipe

Here's the ayam percik recipe shared by a friend, no measurements nothing, but it works.


Coconut milk
Fresh Chillies


Blend all ingredients together except for the coconut milk.
Boil chicken in the blended ingredients add coconut milk, then roast the chicken.
Boil the remainder of the marinade until it thickens to be served as a gravy.

Wal-la your ayam percik is ready!

Steamboat - Yong Tau Foo

Steamboat Soup Recipe

Anchovies (Ikan Bilis)

Stuff anchovies (as much as possible) and crushed ginger in a soup bag and boil for at least an hour, add salt and sugar to taste. If you wish to prepare a Tomyam based soup : add Lemongrass, Tomato, Chili and Kafir Lime leaves into the boiled soup. 

Brown Sauce for Yong Tau Foo Recipe

Blended Taucho (fermented soy beans in salt)
A few tablespoon cooking oil
Soy Sauce (Dark not Light)
Brown Sugar
Corn Flour

Mixed all ingredients together add salt to taste.

Roast Beef

I roasted the beed whole with some thyme. When done, I sliced the beef before serving.

Served with Garlic Bread, Mashed potatoes, coleslow and salad, all home made, well except for the Italian Salad Dressing that came out of a bottle and the garlic butter for the baguette :-). Oh and brown sauce courtesy of my caterer friend Fidah! Thanks Fid, your brown sauce is a lifesaver!


cc said...

kakak, org dh ry ni apa kes br tayang gmbr menu bukak puasa? *larikkkk :p

gmbr ry mana? hehe

Eti said...

kih!kih!kih! ala... gambar dah amik, nak jugak update cerita lapuk okay!!! :-)

gambar raya??? mana ek?

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