Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcoming the Golden Dragon – PETRONAS style.

Any Malaysian would be no stranger to PETRONAS’ out of the box ad campaigns. So much so that each festive season, we would be looking forward to their TV commercials.

For the recent Chinese New Year celebrations to usher in the year of the Golden Dragon, PETRONAS has produced  some heart warming TV commercials that were shot in several countries.

If you missed them… check them out here:

CNY_TVC1      CNY_TVC2      CNY_TVC3     CNY_TVC4

“The TVC is meant to celebrate not just the Year of the Dragon, but the spirit of perseverance, adaptability and determination as captured in each of the stories it depicts.    This energy is something that should inspire us all as we navigate through the challenges we face in life,” said PETRONAS’ Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah during the recent PETRONAS CNY event that was held last Tuesday at Galeri PETRONAS.

In conjunction with that, PETRONAS has also collaborated with Leica Camera AG and organized a photography contest themed “Reimagining EnergyTM

To participate, all you need to do is to capture your CNY moments that best reflect the spirit of “Reimagining EnergyTM“ and to submit your photos at PETRONAS’ Facebook page and stand a chance to win great prizes.

If you have absolutely no clue what kind of pictures to submit, here’s an idea as explained by Dato Mohammad Medan, “Energy is everywhere, in everything we do, and especially at this time. It could be the excitement and the bonding during the reunion dinner, or it could be the hustle and bustle of shopping for and decorating the home. It could even be a portrait of the wise grandfather of the family, or a picture of the lanterns that light up our cities”

So start snapping people! Besides the promise of prizes, (if that does not entice you enough) what about the prospect of having your memorable shot being displayed and exhibited at Galeri PETRONAS? Hmmm, does that get you “energized” (no pun intended here)?

For budding photographers out there, PETRONAS will also be conducting photography workshops at selected schools and colleges. This is to develop the skills of the younger generation, to express themselves through photography.

The “Coming Home” TVC will air from 17th January until 6th February 2012. For more exciting surprises, the public may visit PETRONAS’ YouTube page.

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