Friday, February 3, 2012

My vision of Reimagining Energy.

With the hope of glamour and glory I dig deep into the dearth of my mobile memory to find an image taken recently during our recent Chinese New Year celebration at work that would depict the theme of the PETRONAS CNY Photography contest.

Fortunately I captured an image during the Yee Sang tossing, amidst attempting to repeat the Chinese wishes as facilitated by the MC of the evening.

Yee Sang tossing apparently is a must during CNY celebrations. The action itself symbolizes wishing for another great year filled with abundance and prosperity.

But seeing a group of friends and family sharing a dish, tossing away (without any spills mind you!), I also think about unity! Aaaah... isn’t that worthy of a “PETRONAS TVC” like moment in it’s own way???

Here’s my humble mobile shot, my one shot at popularity, fame and prosperity… 

Title: Unity Energizes Prosperity
Category : Mobile

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