Thursday, February 2, 2012

December break.

A week before Christmas, we went to Gold Coast for a short break. Here are some pictures to share.

During the flight to Brisbane, we were surprised with a Magnum Ice-Cream after the meal. Nice! Too bad Zaim was already asleep by then.

Later, Zaim was awake and ready to take on the game console with his brother!

Brisbane town.


We had loads of ice-cream during this trip.

Zaim loved this Viking ride, to our amazement. We got on this twice or was it three times???

We got on way too many roller-coasters! The timing was just lovely, weather was not too warm yet and the crowd was okay. Q'ing for rides were a breeze at all theme parks.

This ride here was in Dreamworld.

I went on it, stupidly enough! Crazy, don't think I'll go on this one again.

Told you we had ice-cream everywhere. Mine is always the Mint! L.O.V.E it!

Our last trip to Oz was before Zaim was born, this trip is to be fair to Zaim. 
This time we took the 2 hr drive to the Australia Zoo a.k.a Steve Irwin Zoo at Beerwah.

The place just felt odd, Steve Irwin presence is felt everywhere in the zoo. Somehow it feels like he might just pop out from any corner of the zoo especially at the Crocoseum. If I felt that way, imagine the family.

We love you Steve!

Our ride there. Huge 8 seater people mover.

This time Nayli went up the Superman ride with hubby. I gave it a miss. 

Zaim met his "favourite" superhero (among many...).

Tower of Terror... Jr version.

Queuing patiently...

This is the newly launched (in Dec 2011) Green Lantern ride that we missed.
Too many rides, too little time... sigh! (though it is rather scary! just a wee bit!)

When we had enough of the theme parks, we took the kids to another kinda park.

Another thing that we had too much of were the Cinnamon Donuts. Absolute addictive thing. 

This is at Harbour town outlet, one of the two outlets that we went whilst we were there.
Crazy discounts and further markdowns due to the festive season. 

Saying goodbye to our room on Christmas eve was difficult... especially for Zaim.

Due to this tub factor, obviously! (bath times lasted more than 30 minutes!!)

After checking out we went back to Peter's Fish Market nearby Sea World, thinking to get another round of delicious out of this world Fish and Chips that we had the day before. Unfortunately, they were not selling any  cooked meals as it was Christmas Eve. Just check out the fresh items available...

Oh, Gold Coast... I think we want to come back here again in December (but what year???). Only if to have the Cinnamon Donuts and the Fish and Chips at Peter's Fish Market! 

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