Monday, February 6, 2012

Kemensah Retreat.

Last Chinese New Year break, we took the kids to the river nearby our place. I new about this place way in 2010 when the office had an away day at the ATV Park way in the Kg. Kemensah area. My SIL's family  and my brother joined us too.


Someone thought, the sand by the river is as good as at the beach.

Loving it, didn't want to spoil his fun.
Since this was his first time seeing a river and it's bank obviously.

Yaya was too scared of the cold water.

Ultraman meets the icy cool river!

Snack break.

Yaya was here! 

My brother who didn't bother to bring any extra clothes, (because he thought he won't be 
tempted to get wet) was truly soaked, by the end of the afternoon.

Nap time.

Finally Zarif got out to have a bite to eat.

Nothing is more appetizing than eating by the water.

Nature at it's best.

Zaim too finally realised he's hungry.

Oh, soon enough it was time to go.

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