Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nayli and her Crazy Cookies

One day in spite of being on sick leave from school, Nayli wanted to try out a recipe she found in a new activity book for girls. It was called Crazy Cookies, though it's just butter cookies, really. 

After measuring the ingredients for her, I left her to do the rest pretty much except for the baking bit.

Sifting the flour.

Preparing the icing. 

Her favourite part.

Trying out different types of cookie cutters.


Toppings on the icing as a final touch.

Well, her cookies turned out good and there's none left for Hari Raya! Good job Nayli!

1 comment:

mama_QnR said...


multi-talented girl you have there babes!
nanti aunty nak sket your cookies boleh?
and yours too eti, the ChocChipCookies


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