Sunday, August 7, 2011

Divine or Dreadful - cooking with Chefel Flip N Cook

Cooking has never been easier since I got this Flip "n" Cook Pan from Cosway. A friend asked me if I could get it for her since I live about 200m from a branch. Since I'm getting one for her I thought, I might as well get one for myself. Got it last week and I have been making a few iftar dishes with it.

Grilled Fish on Iftar Day 3.

Fried these Fish Fillets before Cooking them in Soy Sauce for Iftar Day 4.

and today for Iftar Day 6, I made these Spicy Clams.

It really does what the booklet cum recipe book that comes with it claims to do, cooks without splatter, though you need to be careful with the steam vent at the end. If you have plenty of liquid in the pan, do be careful when you flip it. Otherwise, this pan is just Divine.

Oh, by the way... do you wanna get this pan for yourself but don't know how. Well just leave your email address in the comment box if interested and I shall get in touch with you. 

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