Monday, August 22, 2011

Raya cookies project done.

Every year I usually leave it to the pros to prepare Hari Raya cookies for me. I would have a few favourite suppliers of  both cookies and cakes. This year I thought I should cut down on my orders cause usually I have to admit that the ordering and the collection of these cookies and cakes are the highlights after which these cookies are normally not finished even 2-3 months later. This year I vowed to myself to order only the minimum, only the absolute must have and some to give away to my mom and mother in-law. However, hubby requested that I make 2 of his favourite cookies. So, I did last weekend. I had to get it over and done with so that next weekend I am free. On Saturday I baked  Chocolate Chip Cookies  and on Sunday I made Almond Clusters. No recipe really, I just had the ingredients and just followed my instinct. Ha!ha!ha! Okay, so I did study some recipes I found online when I tried for the first time a while back, but now, I find that it's quite easy to prepare. So, I say my hari raya cookies project is done because I have no other plans to bake anymore cookies... though I did just buy Jam Tart presser on Sunday when I bought the paper cups for the Almond Clusters. Well, you never know... 

Zarif was so tempted to lick the spatula... yes he was fasting, and has not missed a day yet. 

Handy helpers.

Almond Clusters


Ermayum said...

bagus betul you, i buta bake babe hehe and i tak ada oven tu yang terus buta tu maybe later next year ke if i ever have oven hehe

i pun beli paling minumum ths year sebab i malas order order merata bila nak byr adoi banyak nya i beli - so i am more careful this year sayang duit heheh anyway bukan makan sangat pun bawak ke raya haji lagi ada

Eti said...


Ha!ha!ha! Suka-suka je... ntah sedap ntah tidak... saje untuk budak2 and bapak diorang :-)

Memang betul, beli kuih banyak2 sampai raya haji pun tak luak kan? membazir betul! Sama lah kita. :-)
Tahun nie pun I dah insaf.

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