Monday, August 8, 2011

Divine Durians.

  So are you a durian lover? I have my phases with this King of Fruits. I used to be okay with them at one point of my life, then I went through a period when I thought it was too revolting. However, eversince married to a durian fan, I have to oblige and keep on having a wee bit of the fruit each time hubby brings home or we'd go our for a durian fiesta. Just the weekend before Ramadhan, we stayed over at his dad's who surprise surprise is also a durian fan. The whole lot of us went for a durian supper at SS2 PJ. We had what my friend call at the office, the "branded" durians which were the Musang King and the D101 as opposed to the normal durian kampung.


I had quite a lot of the durians even if I declare myself as not a fan, hi!hi!hi! Though not without hunting for a mint right after to freshen my breath and just to get rid of the awful after taste that really makes me avoid eating this fruit if I can. 

Coconut Drink to cool the body down after the durian biznez!

Baby Sara was there too!

Are you a die hard durian lover or a "social eater" like moi! :-)

1 comment:

mama_QnR said...


nak duriannn!!
me and hubby and kids luurrrvveeeee durian, only in it's original form
kalau dah jadi pengat ke etc, ermmm.. kureng sket

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