Friday, October 14, 2011

Zarif's khatam Quran.

Last Saturday it was Zarif's big moment. It was his day of khatam Al-Quran. He actually completed reading the Quran a few months earlier, but the event to commemorate this was postponed until after the busy Eid month (read: my darling caterer friend wasn't willing to accommodate us then). Plus my mother has just recovered from an exhaustive chemo treatment and had just only gotten well enough to get back into daily her routine. Credit of course goes to my mother who has tirelessly been teaching Zarif to read ever since he was 4 plus. Nayli too completed reading the whole Quran for the very first time when she was 7, and my mother had a major do then too being her first grandchild and all. Here are some pictures from last Saturday.

My boy, cool and confident.

Wan (grandmother) in yellow hijab, watching proudly.

Is it chow time yet?

Oops... there they are! Yummy roasted lamb. For catering details, contact me!

Time to tuck in.

Wan, Mak Long and Zaim... no Zarif.

With Nayli and Zaim, still no Zarif!

Here he is with neighbour buddy Adin and his iPad.

The celebrated boy, enjoying his ribs.

Yummy! Boy do you deserve it! Well done, Zarif!!! We love you very much!


Azleen said...

alahai..aunty leen pulak yg terharu bagai...Khatam dah Zarif... Alhamdulillah... berkat Wan ajar kan... eti .. meriah betol kendurinye... really proud of your Zarif!!! p/s bila laa aiman nk khatam pulak...

The Bubur Caca Lover said...

Alhamdulillah~ Tahniah Zarif! Kecik2 dah khatam Quran. Sejuk perut Ibu mengandung...

Eti said...

Thanks Azleen :-), semua sebab mak laaa...

TBCL... thanks on behalf of Zarif :-)

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