Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crunch time.

Next week is exam week in school, final year exams! So it's crunch weekend at home. Swimming lessons today has been cancelled so that the kids can start their revision early and have a whole day to focus, focus and focus.

Yesterday was not so bad.

Zarif spent sometime revising, finishing some exercise books.

Kakak decided to take a break first before actually sitting down for some serious revision.

Finally, she sat down and did some work.

Zaim busied himself with Disney
Today however, motivation is at an all time low... sigh!

Is this a motivated pose?

How about this??? Errrkkk....
Hang in there kids, just one more week!


captain_zed said...

HAHAHAHHAHHA, bestnya!!! uncle nak join! tapi part spray ngan water gun tuh jer la.. huhuhu.. good luck honeybees~

ayoyo, motip hantar class renang bagai?? saya kan atlet renang berirama johan 2 tahun berturut2 utk kategori bathtub.. huhuhu.. meh hantar berguru ngan saya sajork!

Eti said...

Thanks Uncle Zed, BTW itu Nerf Uncle Zed, tak pakai air, lagi sakit tau! Wakakaka!

Okay apa anta belajar swimming, kalau banjir, taklah lemas :-).

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