Friday, October 15, 2010

What I did this Raya...

Syawal is way over but I feel that I cannot move on with my daily blog updates without at least an update on the big day or rather big month itself, even though in a brief summary. This Raya we spent the morning at my M-I-L's. After the Eidul-Fitri prayers with my parents we all "crashed" (my parents and brother included) at my M-I-L's for breakfast. We had her lovely Nasi Dagang, yumm!!! I brought my Chicken Rendang of course to be eaten with some Ketupat Pulut. After a long breakfast we had our photo sessions.

The 5 of us.

Cousins Unite.

Big Happy Family.

Kiddies and Tok Mummy.

Nayli and her brothers.

After breakfast my parents and brother left for Negeri Sembilan while we went to hubby's uncle place in Subang Bestari for a Raya Gathering with more cousins, uncles and aunties and of course more food and Nasi Dagang. Yumm!!!

On the 2nd day, many of my relatives on my mother's side came back to my great grandma's as it was my cousin's engagement. So we joined forces to enlarge the engagement entourage. Ha!ha! What a way to put it...

Ladies only cause the men just cannot be bothered to pose in the heat!

Us again.

My tiny tots.

Another one of the 5 of us.

The engagement.

By the 3rd day... this was the only picture taken (worthy of a blog post). Only Nayli and me wore matching colours, by chance really.

On the 4th day, we were already back in KL ending up having brunch in BV and tea at Empire Shopping Gallery. (more updates on this soon).

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