Sunday, October 17, 2010

Raya Open Houses 2010.

Is it just me, or is it true for everyone else that this year there seems to be countless and endless Hari Raya Open House invites??? I am not complaining, it's great because it was almost all four weekends of not having to cook, and being invited to all those sumptous meals and the opportunity to meet up with relatives, friends and collegues... Simply Divine! If the trend continues, looks like I must prepare more baju raya for next year (hi!hi!hi!). Here are some pictures that I manage to capture at some of the open houses (bear in mind I said some, so there were more open houses attended that I did not manage to take any pictures!). Thanks everyone for inviting us. Hope we could reciprocate soon, god willing.

At Hubby's uncle's house, here's the kids with their 11 year old uncle!

Z's raya open house cum house warming with Azleen and little Yana and Tasha (Z's eldest).

The kids at Z's simply divine garden.

On Oct 2nd my Hari Raya open house began at breakfast as early as 7:45 a.m at Hafiz's. My first breakie open house. Very good concept especially if you have a few more to go to in the same day. This was also where I had my 1st taste of a red velvet cake! Lovely house too, Hafiz.

I met Captain Zed, a ferocious blogger with simply divine pictures.

My 2nd open house for the day after Hafiz's was at 10:30 a.m , my mom's neighbour Lynna, who baked... surprise, surprise... Red Velvet Cupcakes! My 2nd taste of RVC for the day.

The 3rd house for the day was at 3 p.m! I managed to have a bit of a rest, freshen up and change before I went alone to Eva's house not too far from mine. The kids and hubby were too tired to join me. Furthermore, I'm meeting up with girl friends from school, so I thought going alone would be best. Good opportunity to catch up on old times. We were meeting up with a few others and one of them, Fareen whom I have not met since my last day of school almost 19 years ago! Tsk!tsk!tsk! That long ago...

A group photo before we said goodbye. L to R: Me, Pat, Mariza, Sharlin, Eva and Fareen.

We were even given food to take home, lovely! Thanks for having us Eva.

Yup, RVC for the 3rd time in a day, made by Fareen's sis. From never tasting it before to having it at every house in a day. I actually managed to order some from her online the day before and had Fareen whom I have not met in ages to bring them for me. Thanks Fareen!  

Had mine in the evening with a cup of coffee! Simply divine treat.

During the last week of Syawal, the Finance group at the office held a joint Hari Raya celebration with our Planning Department at Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay. It was quite a major affair as we were welcomed to bring our family.

Of course this little fella came, all dressed in his baju raya.

Me, Fidah (madam organiser) and Izam.

L to R: Zila, Abby (latest edition to our Planning team), Zaim and Me, Z, and Eli (Jamil's wife).

The Finance team... yes, that many people.

Izam's family and mine.

Yup, that was the last Hari Raya event for the year! Simply divine celebration this year, alhamdulillah.


ERMAYUM said...

puas makan :)

CiKaYu said...

wow..meriahnye raya u ye...

Eti said...

he!he! memang meriah dah sangat puas makan... :-0

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