Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Post Eclipse Experience.

Eclipse was awesome!

Not as good as the book, but good enough.

Team Cullen

The storyline did not stray far from the book, watching it with a non-twilightian (my dearest hubby who else) who understood the movie, so that confirmed that it was a good movie. Hubby also thinks the lines especially those delivered by Edward was way too cheesy for his liking, (only when I was about to swoon...) :-P

Why do like the book and movie so much? Why?

I don't know... is it Edward Cullen's lines? A non-twilightian's (and I have to agree) perception is that in the end, Bella seemed to be such a nuisance to everyone... ha!ha! and a tad selfish too, for "loving" both boys.

Even though we know she is obviously Team Edward... she is actually like me...
Team EdCob!

Edward for the whole persona, the gentleman, the charming, the caring, the old school romantic and gallant (the only thing missing was him riding on a horse, swooping the clumsy Bella off her feet).

But when shirtless Jacob, the macho, the alpha male, the reckless, the selfless, the six-pack all tanned skin, shorts and running shoes fella keep on forcing his company on her... what is a hapless girl to do...

I don't blame her. I'd be torn myself... ha!ha!ha!

If I was 17 of course. Of course!

Furthermore, according to my hubby there is no way a girl nowadays wants to hear and would just die to be treated with all "the nonsense" that Edward has to say and does to win Bella...

Yeah, sure, none of us care for those things anymore...

Only because we have our pretty Charles & Keith wearing feet placed firmly on the ground. We can only find an Edward Cullen in books and movies nowadays! That's why we read these books and watch the movies. Sigh! (Of course, my hubby just rolled his eyes when I said... yes I we don't mind our men talking and behaving like how Edward does sometimes!!! And we definitely don't mind our men having gorgeous abs like Taylor Lautner too! :-)). So how many of you ladies out there who have non-twilightians spouses like me??? We should create a group in FB don't cha think?

Still it's a good movie, I thought, and I'm pretty excited to watch Breaking Dawn now, though apparently it won't be out so soon. In the meantime, we are left with Twilights re-runs on Astro and soon perhaps New Moon too.

Ok, gotta go check on my EdCob, who is busy cleaning out my Cooker Hood Filter... sigh! The man is after my heart I tell ya!!! Who needs Edward Cullen eh...  ;-)

Leaving you with a few things that I love from Eclipse.

The meadow - it is just beautiful, isn't it?

Peter Facinelli - Dr. Carlisle (dreamboat) Cullen is one good looking Vampire isn't he?
Bet he would look better if he is a tad less pale.

We get to see a bit more of Jasper Hale /Cullen in Eclipse. Which I like too!

So what will you remember most about Eclipse apart from Jacob's "I'm hotter than you line?"....

For me, I'm sorry but it has to be this...
Bella's Engagement Ring
Isn't it just Gorgeous???


azlyn said...

sooo,.. based on ur review, this is waay better than new moon huh?

if you're 17? haha, if i'm single & 30+ i'd still date both of them!

anyway, you must watch Vampire Diaries! also super super hot vampires!

whylah they make vampires sooo sexy, charming, rich,.yummy...
we grew up believing vampires look like Christopher Lee. euwww..

ERMAYUM said...

hehhehe betul2 but i suka old school lelaki cam edward tu heheh - cuma it will be better if he is not Robert Patisson - he is ok cuma kureng - iya i tak suka senyuman kambing dia tu hahah

rajin hubby:)

CikChelsea said...

"doesn't he own a shirt?" =P

tetap setia pada Edward, Jacob stok2 cuci mata je LOL.

my BF also non-twifan. i didn't watched the movie with him, tak best nt dia kutuk Edward, tak ajak dia g tgk pon haha =P

BTW, nt breaking dawn akan 'dipecahkan' into 2 movies :)

Eti said...


In a way yes, better than New Moon, but then again I wouldn't quite classify it so strictly, because at the end the movies are based on the books anyway. So they potray the storyline in the books as best as possible I guess. All I can say is they did true justice in Eclipse.

Vampire Diaries pulak... adoy, if I layan nie pulak mau ada werewolf kat rumah tu kang, and he won't be protecting me either! He!He!


Yup, give me old school charm anytime plus, good hot bod lah! Memang something's not quite 100% cun abt this Pattinson fella... but still that doesn't stop us does it?

My hubby??? ...mmg rajin, he!he! he's a neat freak! Lucky me!!! :-)

Eti said...

Hi Cik Chelsea,

Doesn't he own a shirt indeed!! he!he! I love that line.

Ha!ha! Kalau non-Twilight fan, mmg patut pun tak yah ajak. Buat penat kita je nak dgr komen diorang kan???

Yes, I heard about Breaking Dawn, expected release 2011 and 2012! Punya lah lama nak tunggu kan???

azlyn said...

well i think rob is the hottest (with a personality to match) vampire amongst other vampires either in movies or tv series. it's the smile that makes u want to donate blood. hihi..

Farah Y said...

Lucky you! Lambatnya kat sini nak tayang! Tak sabar nak tengok :)

Eti said...

I just found out a couple of nights ago that Rob is English, that brought him up a few notches in my like-o-meter scale. :-)

Oh it's not showing there yet??? Oooo it must be hard for you! :-( Don't worry it's worth the wait.

Yummy Mummy said...

Hahaha I enjoyed your count of eclipse! My hubby yang temankan I tengok twilight and new moon awal2 dah ckp dia tak sanggup nak temankan I tgk eclipse! New moon really put him off, which is a shame sebab eclipse is more about the action. He has watched the whole first series of vampire diaries (oops) and likes to kutuk the twilight series especially Edward Cullen punya cheesy lines :P

I suka both Edward and Jacob, although I know what erma is on about when she says senyum kambing hahaha

Miss S said...

i heart eclipse and edward too. he's real yummy lah!

captain_zed said...

saba jer la, last2 cincin jugak yg di highlight kan! huhuhu.. apapun personally i think i like this one better than the other 2.. mungkin sbb i expect it to be sampah, but it turned out to be something..hohoho..

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

kan kan kannnnnnn!
if the ticket here not that freaking expensive, sure i dah pegi tgk everydayyyyyyyyyyy!

so sweet kan kan kannn!
i just love edward seductive character! his wicked crooked smile! goshhhhhh! *faint*!

Eti said...

Yummy Mummy,
Senyum kambing ke apa ke... still kita cair jugak kan???

Miss S,
Yummy Vampire eh??? He!he! Like what Azlyn said... makes us want to donate blood!!! Ha!ha!ha!

Captain Zed,
Expect to be sampah... tapi kao pegi tgk gak kan??? ngaku jelah twilight fan gakkkkk... lagi mau cover!

Slobber slobber slobber kita bila layan si Edward nya romantic character kan???

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