Sunday, March 25, 2012

How would you know when your child is ready to start swimming lessons?

We have been wondering when would be the right time to start Zaim on his swimming lessons. His sister and brother has lessons at 8 a.m every Sunday. Usually, when they are at the main pool, Zaim would just play at the small kiddy pool. At 9 a.m the same instructor would have lessons with toddlers around his age at the kiddy pool. We have been telling him that soon he would be old enough to join Mr. Tai for the 9 a.m lesson. However, he has been somewhat reluctant with the excuse that he is scared of drowning.

This morning we let him play with Zarif at the kids pool as Zarif was not able to join the others in his class due to a slight wardrobe malfunction (he discovered a hole in his swimming trunks). We were surprised a little later to find him joining the 9 a.m lessons and being all friendly and bold with Mr. Tai. So, I guess our question has been answered huh?

*** You know your 4 year old is ready for swimming lessons when he enrols himself into one! :-D [Great! Next Sunday, I can start working out during his lessons.]

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