Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zaim's Olympiad 2012.

My little four year old had his first sports day last Sunday. Apparently, the school only holds this "Olympiad" events once in 4 years in conjunction with the real deal Olympics. That's a fact!

Anyhow, we arrived as instructed about an hour before the event starts and dropped him off at the designated area at a huge stadium in Kelana Jaya. The event was held for centres in the Klang Valley.

That's Zaim with his teacher, Pn. Faridah.

It rained earlier in the day, so the ground was wet and the field soggy, but the weather remains cloudy and not too sunny and hot for the children (and also their family), so that was good.

Peace y'all!


This was where we planted ourselves throughout the event.


Moving on to the field.

Waiting makes me want to take pictures... oh okay pose for pictures, more like.


The cheering squad for Zaim.

The whole WM team, from 4-6 year olds. Notice the uniform hand-held fans. We noticed that only the teachers from Zaim's centre were equipped with them and were relentlessly fanning the children under their care. I thought, how sweet!


Yes, the wait was quite long, hence... more photos. :-D


The march pass. Can you spot Zaim?

Sports Day is not Sports Day without a band...


and without mascots!

How cute is this right???


The Band doing their thing... sorry I didn't zoom enough.

Further waiting makes us hungry. So we had these Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Zarif thoroughly enjoying it.


Faux Vuvuzela's to make some noise!!!


Finally it's Zaim's turn... The Lion Dance Run.

Run Zaim Run!

My little Lion!

Yeay!!! To the finish line. Win or lose, you did it Zaim!


Everybody gets a medal!!! Double yeay!


The champion, his medal (& a little bag of foodie from the school)
with his brother and sister.

Time to go. The champ gets a "lift" to the car in style!

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