Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spritzer Dispenser - Simple Yet Divine

Simply divine new Spritzer Mini Dispenser will ensure that you shall obtain the best of spritzer bottled mineral water anywhere with simply divine ease & convenience!

Spritzer Group – the most integrated and largest bottled water producer in Malaysia is now introducing their largest pack size bottled water – in 6L and 9.5L in eco-friendly PET bottles.

Their unique newly patented design with spill proof caps will ensure that it solves all spilling issues on replacing the empty bottle. No spills & No hassle. Simple yet Divine!

With this feature in mind, Spritzer water dispenser makes the possibility of having good quality bottled or mineral water much easier to be supplied be it for your home, office or hotel guestroom or even outdoor activities. Spritzer mini dispenser will assure that you would have an easy and convenient supply of highest quality water from an independent source. We no longer need to worry about any water filter malfunction or a water supply shortage, lack of water pressure and any other troubles that could arise from the normal water filter.

I had the opportunity to “test drive” the Spritzer Water Dispenser at the comfort of my own home just recently.

 Spritzer Mini Dispenser – the contraption consists of only 2 items:
1)      The lightweight mini dispenser – which is a patented design that is easy for moving.
2)      9.5L eco-friendly PET bottles

Here is a step by step instruction of how I assembled this Spritzer Mini Dispenser myself.

I could actually lift the 9.5L bottle up (that by the way is not a restrained and forced smile).

Lifting out the lightweight mini dispenser from the box.

Out of the plastic packaging.  (Yes, I can be quite detail when I want to!)

Simple lightweight contraption.

Pick a spot to place the Spritzer Mini Dispenser.

 Moving on to the bottled water - Peel off the sticker on the cap.

Like so…

There is a safety spill proof cap under the sticker seal. This will ensure that the bottle will be easily transferred onto the dispenser.

All that is left to be done is to place the bottle onto the waiting dispenser

One can do so even while smiling at the camera

I am just making sure that I have placed it securely. You will know once that it is secured, the water will bubble up a little when the spill proof cap is penetrated.

Mission completion - without fuss!

Now all that is left to be done is to pick your favourite glass to begin enjoying Spritzer!

Just to prove that it is even easy to be moved after assembly, I even lifted the dispenser and bottle to another part of my kitchen where it is more accessible.

So, think no more if you are looking for a portable, lightweight mini dispenser.
Spritzer Mini Dispenser is now only available in Giant, Cold Storage & selected petrol kiosk.

Note: Spritzer advocates, "Not all bottled waters are the same." For the protection of Spritzer customers and in line with the Malaysian Food Act and Regulation, Spritzer bottled waters are clearly distinguished by their caps - white for drinking water and assorted colored for natural mineral water.

Please see below for: Spritzer 9.5L and 6L with mini dispenser series available in stores.

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Anonymous said...

Is the empty bottle is refillable? Where to refill it?

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