Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day = Happy Birthday Mak

Finally, I'm back. Baking and blogging again.

Gosh, I missed this.

I have not been blogging for so long!!!

I have not been baking for sooooo long!!!

I started baking again yesterday, on what was acknowledged by my children as MY DAY, a.k.a Mother's Day. No worries, I know it's an unusual thing to be slogging in the kitchen on mother's day. Mummies are supposed to get time off, but this is what I love doing, so on Mother's day, this mummy did what she likes! Plus, I was baking for my mother who is celebrating her birthday today and who will be going for another round of chemo treatment today, of all days!!! So, it was a quick double batch of RVCs yesterday afternoon for mak.

Zaim helped with the sprinkling! My little elf.

A wee bit blurry, sorry. I managed to make enough for mak and my mother in law.

Happy birthday Mak, I love you loads. No amount of cupcakes or blog updates can repay your love, devotion and sacrifice for me and your grandchildren!!! We love you.


BELLA74 said...

Happy Mother's day to you Eti...:))) arghhhhh RVC ...I still have no confidence to bake it :(((

Ermayum said...

happy mothers day to u :)

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