Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY frozen food.

I thought that I was already doing a great job by ensuring that my kids take packed food from home to school daily. Their normal packed food would be tuna sandwiches, the 60 cents buns, cheese sandwiches, chocolate spread sandwiches and their all time favourite next to the tuna sandwiches... nuggets!!! If I learned only one thing from the recent Bento workshop last month, it would be that nuggets and other processed meats are such a NO! NO! This is because it contains Nitrate that is essential to preserve meat products, which can cause CANCER!!! Errrkkkk!!! I'm not feeding my kids that!!!

Therefore, hubby and I have agreed that we should spend a little more time at least once a month to prepare our very own home made chicken nuggets for the kids to take to school. No more store bought nuggets.

So we bought the organic chicken from the wet market last Saturday, de-boned it and set out the items required to prepare home made chicken nuggets. Googled the recipe online, so here it is...

Main ingredient:

Chicken pieces cut into bite-sizes. Those smaller bits that has no shape whatsover becomes "popcorn chicken".

So prepare bowls like shown in picture above in the following order:

Flour - Egg - Breadcrumbs (these are homemade too! Just pan fry or oven bake your wholemeal toasts, cut into cubes and blitz to oblivion).

** Do add the flour with your favourite chicken spice (I used, what I already had in the kitchen which is Meat Curry Spices), and somes salt and pepper to season. Keep the salt moderate though eh.

Step by step method with pictures:

Pick the chicken pieces one at a time, roll in in the flour.

Do a quick egg wash.

And roll it in the breadcrumbs. After this point it gets messy and your fingers will resemble a nugget too!

I tried working with chopsticks, yeah okay not too bad but eventually I went back to using my fingers.

Wallaa, your chicken nuggets ready to be packed and freezed.

Since we have started the production line, we also prepared some beef patties for our weekday dinner.

What's in the beef pattie?

Minced beef, onions, spring onions, loads of black pepper, salt, egg (not too much), breadcrumbs and some parsley.

Hubby left the nuggets "line" and jumped into the beef pattie "line" cause he wants to be in control of the size of the beef pattie that he'd be consuming in the coming week. Fine with me. :-) So he rolled it like the above picture.

Then it is patted to be flattened.

To fit nicely into a container for freezing.

Since this is a belated entry, I managed to take some pictures of the beef patties being cooked and served.

Hot on the grille.

Can you find the hidden Mickey?

Served with salads, boiled broccoli and mashed potatoes (homemade of course).


ShaSha said...

eti..i baru nak tanya tangan sapa..bila baca bawah..haha..tau dah tangan sapa..anyway bleh try le nak buat pattie kan...huhu..tunggu weekend...

zarin said...

ha ah i pun dah buat sendiri chicken nuggets, balls, patties and segala yg sewaktu dgnnya hikhik
my hb always yg no no no towards ready made nuggets tu, that's why i kena wat sendiri

Eti said...

Shasha... iya tangan hubby, kalau dia boring2 tu, selalu jugak dia tolong2 kat dapur... hi!hi!

Zarin... bukan kerja senang tapi tak pe lah kan janji hati senang bagi budak2 makan. :-)

Lady of Leisure said...

sedapnya, patties esp yang buat sendiri, semua buat sendiri, with a pinch of love.. makan pun sedap kan.. :)

Ermayum said...

eti you semakin terror masak macam macam almost semua entry food lately :)
err i tak nak lah beli nugget lagi thanks dear :)

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