Friday, March 4, 2011

Adios to my little cube.

I have been spending at least 8hrs daily on work weeks here at my little cozy alcove for almost 5 years already. That's almost half the time I've been in this company. Surrounded by my constant "organized clutter".

Surrounded by my lovely colleagues, Fid (that's her head, she's camera shy), Zila (posing like craaazeee), Zack (peek-a-booing), Leen (in front of me) and Mr. Z - the thorn amongst the roses. Yes, I'm at the end there waving frantically as if this was a candid shot!

Bye you guys! Gonna miss you all (as if I'm leaving the company!)  I'm not even changing dept. Just relocating to a different floor, boo-hoo!!! Gonna miss our usual banter and our loud, loud, moments, so how am I gonna throw insults to Mr. Z now??? Oh, yes there's the email and FB eh? Please, please, please, don't forget me, 2 floors down during lunches, "last night's leftover" breakfast and Fida's to die for Nasi Lemak. Yes, I still take orders for chips and such from the Saturday market, but it's at a fee now! Hi!hi!

This is how it looked like at 5 p.m today!

All packed and ready to go...

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