Friday, December 31, 2010

My kids discovered something new, I learnt something new too!

Last Hari Raya Haji, we celebrated at my father in-law's. That morning we all went to the nearby mosque to perform our prayers, then it was just spent hanging about and eating again and again.

In the evening, what started off as a game of kick-ball ended up as this "upih pinang" game. I accidentally  found a palm leaf lying on the ground so I showed them how's it's done, hubby picked it up from me and the result... they had a blast.

The thing about eating at my father in law's house is that whenever we or rather I come (as if), my mother in-law would always get her maid to prepare this awesome dish. I have asked before how it's prepared and they have explained, though I never tried it before because, just hearing how it's prepared just doesn't do it for me. So that evening when the maid was preparing dinner, and I kinda asked what she's preparing with all the "korban" meat that we got that morning. I jumped at the chance at watching her cook when she mentioned that she was gonna be preparing my favourite beef dish. It doesn't have a name, but I have always called it Ibu's Beef Dish. I was ready with camera and all. So here's the dish, do give it a try, it's just a simple dish yet... yup, it's DIVINE!

Onions, dried chillies & fresh green chillies sliced like so.

Tomato sauce, Soy sauce and Oyster Sauce.

Sliced beef preferably the sirloin cut, sliced thinly. Seasoned with pepper (generously) and salt.

The key ingredient apparently is tumeric powder, plenty of these too.

To begin, saute half of the onions.

Add the seasoned beef strips, do not fry it too long or else it will hardened and make the beef too cheewy.

Stir and add the sauces, just a bit of everything.

Then add the chillies and finally the rest of the onions.
Walaah, Ibu's Beef Dish... yumm!!! 


Ermayum said...

:) i selalu masak cam tu but minus the cili cili merah hijau tu:) - my girls suka kuah dia so buat watery skit - ye simple dish

Eti said...

Sedap kan Erma? Apparently you can susbtitute the beef with sotong, or udang... mesti sedap jugak kan?

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