Monday, November 8, 2010

The office's annual stampede breakfast and family day.

On the 9th of October, it was that time of the year again for my office's stampede breakfast and family day. Stampede is actually a Calgary's tradition, which was brought over to KL Office for us to have a taste of the Canadian's culture. Mainly on this day you'd get to see the bosses preparing the pancakes, get dunked and also get thrown of the mechanical bull. Ha!ha! interesting eh? Over the past few years, the stampede breakfast has been merged with the family day. Everyone gets to bring their family, for a day of fun, food, games and particularly this year loads of mud and dirt! Enjoy the pictures... 

We start with breakfast, before the pancakes were ready, we could not resist the Nasi Lemak.

Me and Azleen.

Even first thing in the morning when we arrived, the field was already muddy!


This is nothing.... compared to the condition of this very same spot by noon!

We were entertained by a band singing Country & Western numbers throughout the day.

Zaim catching a ride on Thomas and Friends Engines. Choo!choo!

The committee performing their opening dance - Shakira's Waka Waka!

Preparing the pancakes.

Our acting Country Manager tossing away!

JT's welcoming speech and officiating the Stampede & Family Day, with a yeee-haw!!!

Gorgeous picture opportunity, with the bright sun and green backdrops.

Everyone had their body parts painted. Nayli got a white horse on her cheek.

Zarif chose a scorpion on his hand.

Zaim too!

A Canadian flag on his hand.

I want one too! He!he!

Hana, my brother's friend finally agreed to get herself painted as well.

Like my cowgirl??? Yee-haw!!!

After the flag, he noticed my cheek, and decided that he wanted one on his cheek too!

So there!

Batman and Cowgirl.

Zaim, happily posing away to show off his Batman sign!

Girly stuff on our cheeks!

Sand art is a must must must for Zarif!

The crowd under the tent.

Tickle Tickle Tickle Mr. Hamster!

More cute stuff around at the mini petting zoo.

Tiny rat in Nayli's palms.

A raccoon.

Eeeww slimy stuff.

Zaim was feeling icky yet curious.

There were also tele-matches for the children.

Zaim watching from the sideline.

A picture with Jim Tarlton, Linda and hubby.

Brother and Sister collaboration.

When it was the adult's turn to play, I had a"little" problem.
Someone refused to be left on the side.


Supporter! Ha!ha!

Nayli gathered her guts and finally did it - she actually held the snake!


This is the condition of our shoes and the ground, by noon!

Lunch was roasted lamb! Yummy!

Hana was so kind to handle Zaim, while I enjoyed my lunch! Thanks Hana!

My brother.

Zarif, not to be outdone by the sister conquered his fears and ickiness! Well done, boy!

Zaim did the Waka! Waka! on stage!

Nayli tried the Bull!

Zarif too!

The day was searing hot, the ground wet and muddy. However, the food was superb (thanks to the excellent caterer wink!wink!), and it was good fun for the kids. Already they are looking forward to next year's stampede, god willing. Hopefully, the organizers would decide on a better venue. 


ERMAYUM said...

seronoknya look like all of you had so much fun :)

Eti said...

memang seronok Erma, especially the children la... walaupun kaki berselut.

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