Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am 4 today!!!

26th May, 2008.
That was four years ago!
Oh, finally, I am four! I am a big boy now, that's what my mom kept telling me!

Even though my birthday is officially today, I celebrated it a day earlier, in school with my friends.
Apparently, my teacher told my mom that yesterday was my class's end of term party (that's what my mom says, but I think, it really was to celebrate my birthday!). It was great! Not only was there a party (for me, I'm sure), I get to dress in casual clothes (that means no uniforms!), school hours was also shorten!

My mom bought a birthday cake for me to take to school. She said it was brownie, but I told her I didn't like brownies (actually, I didn't have a clue what brownie was :-D), so she finally she said, brownie is just another type of cake! (Adults are so weird, like that, my mom especially, she likes to rephrase things, especially if I start arguing with her!)

If you don't know my mom, let me tell you, she likes to take pictures of everything! She made me smile with my brownie-cake thingy first thing in the morning yesterday, I was still in my PJs! Well, good thing I love her, so I just obliged, she did get me a cake... emmm brownie... emmm whatever!

This was this morning! I was not expecting anything after the cake and party in school because my mom told me a few days ago, there will be no pressies for me this year, well at least not immediately. My mom said, instead of a present and a huge birthday party, she will take me,my brother and sister, (my dad too I'm sure) to the beach. I have been pestering her to take me to the beach... So, I don't know when that will happen as I don't really have a sense of time or days or months... I AM 4!!! Anyway.... after I had my shower and was all ready to go out for my Saturday breakfast... my mom gave me this little package! I thought it was bubbles! Do you want to know what I got??? Read on...

This is my routine Saturday breakie. It is white rice (my mom calls it nasi lemak)
 plus yellow rice. I love it!

After breakfast, we all went to my school. I was quite worried! I thought I had school today, when I seemed to remember that yesterday my teacher told me something about holidays... I don't know. My mom also kept saying she wanted to ask my teacher whether or not I have been a good boy in school. I just don't understand, what she was going on about really. So, when I went into my classroom I saw my friend in my class too, with his mom! What a coincidence huh? After they left, my mom went into my class with my dad, and they sat in our little chairs across my teacher (amazing, how they could fit into our tiny chairs...). They started discussing me, as if I was not there. Once or twice, my teacher would try to hold me, I kept running and shuffling around. My teacher told my mom all my tricks and antiques in class! Gosh, really... does my mom really need to know the details???? My mom kept saying Oh my god! Really??? Zaim??? Why did you do that??? Finally, my mom started to say goodbye to my teacher, but.... of course not before forcing me to take a picture with her. I was quite reluctant at first, really, now why would I want to take a picture with Teacher Faridah after she spilled the beans to my parents!!! Grrrr!!!! But, in the end I just cannot say no to my mom... she has a way with words (or rather her piercing gaze... which just makes me melt ha!ha!ha! if you know what I mean...).

My Teacher Faridah - my first teacher! She's the best.
She hugs really hard too!

My mom is so proud of my colouring, though my dad said perhaps I should practise a little more...
I wonder why, it is up on the board... that must means its good enough already right? What is there to practise. I don't understand...

Ooops now, when was this? Oh yes, my mom decided to do a spot of shopping ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! But I was okay because after my dad left her and my sister, we guys went off in search of cold milk for me :-D! Ever since my mom banned me from drinking formula milk when travelling (because I am a big boy story again!), I get to drink fresh cold milk that are sold in stores that comes in huge refrigerators with glass doors... I think that's cool. After finishing the milk, the bottle can be used as microphone, super cool!).

My birthday lunch was at this Chinese Muslim restaurant nearby our house.
I quite like Dim Sum. Interesting, love them especially the prawns! Yummy!

Taraaaa... I brought my birthday gift along. Remember my surprise package that I got this morning.
This is it... Ultraman Dyna! Good thing I have been whining about wanting it a couple of weeks ago.... my sense of timing is perfect after all eh? Thank goodness, my mom got it right. Sometimes I worry when she goes off to buy things without bringing me along. Normally, she doesn't allow me to bring my toys when we leave the house, but today she said that it's okay, since it is my special day and this was my birthday gift. I love this birthday business, don't you?

Oh, just to let you know... here's my collection so far (I told my mom, I am done. I will not need any other Ultraman after this! I saw how relieved she looked when I told her that. Little does she know that I am planning to forget I said that to her in a week or so, poor mom, she can be so gullible at times, I love her anyway).

Giant Lizard/Iguana... yup this was dinner! Ooops, I mean, this picture was taken at a restaurant where we had my birthday dinner. Actually the adults and my brother & sister enjoyed dinner. I was really very tired and sleepy, I already fell asleep on the way to the restaurant. However, with all the commotion of getting out of the car, meeting my grandparents and uncle, I was up again and could not continue with my sleep. After my mom started showing me the rooster, the iguana and my uncle took me to see rows and rows of seafood including my favourite prawns... I was not so sleepy anymore.

I remained in my stroller, while my mom handed me bits and pieces of yummy food.

This was quite hot. I had so many prawns too! Yummey!

My grandma surprised me with a teeny weeny connetto.
I had to rub my eyes, to make sure that I was not imagining things!

I told you the adults had more fun at dinner. Not sure why they went to a restaurant and ended up cooking themselves. Even my grandfather had to do a bit of cooking. Weird!

Oh my mom bumped into her colleague from work too! Aunty Fateen, that's what she was called. I think I remembered her. She has been to my house and she brought her brand new iPad and let me play with it. She's nice, but I was too shy. I was still sleepy actually... so I wasn't really friendly to her and her husband Uncle Hanif. My mom was upset (as usual), as I was not my normal friendly self. Aunty Fateen and the Uncle seemed upset too when I didn't respond to their questions... gosh it's not easy to be sociable when you missed your afternoon nap and you are in unfamiliar environment! Don't they know that??? Obviously, my mom doesn't! Really, mom!

Here's another picture of them together. They really talked a lot, non-stop. Uncle Hanif had to stay... stop already and we must leave now... (or something to that effect) before these two stopped talking.

Can you blame me for falling asleep on the way home. What a great and eventful day.

Happy Birthday to me!!! Can't wait for my real present! Maybe I will start pestering my mom to take me to the beach tomorrow. What is next next Wednesday??? When is that??? She kept saying that, when I asked her when is beach day going to be.

Look who else is tired??? Guess I don't have to worry about growing and not being able to be carried huh? My brother is way older than me, and he still gets to be carried, phew!

Night night world! 


Ermayum said...

happy besday Zaim - leh geng qayyum suka ultraman gak

Miss S said...

Happy birthday Zaim :)

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